Wes McBride

Hi, I'm Wes and I write stories, design covers, and do most of the in-house jobs at Puck Publishing.

I've been an editor, cover designer, illustrator, set designer, painter, printer, teacher, and actor. I've worked on Broadway, found myself unexpectedly stranded in Paris for more than one New Year's Eve, and swum directly into several bemused sea turtles off of Waikiki Beach. I live in Southern California with my wife, and fellow writer, Sara McBride.

When I'm not in a coffee-fueled writing session, you can find me reading a good book, hiking the Tecolote Trails with our squirrel-of-a-dog Wombat, or sketching outside.

I was born in Texas, but I spent most of my childhood in Singapore and Western Australia. I wrote a lot of my first stories with stolen hotel pens. My family travelled a lot, a tradition my wife and I still embrace.